Soundtrack going to the beach (y) (at Ypao Beach Park)

Chillax. (at McDonald’s)

Finally. A game me and my bro can play together that is not basketball :)) #cod #codghosts #ps4 #gamestop #ps4games (at Agana Shopping Center)

Come hear jah sound, spreading good vibrations all over this town! This tree looks like a weed plant #jahlove (at Guam)

New grips for #ds4 :)

Beach na next pls. #fisheye (at Fish Eye Marine Park)

One whole hot-n-ready pizza for me! :))) (at Kmart)

After all the years I’ve seen this place on TV. Chuck E. Cheese’s at last! This place is like Tom’s World + Project Pie :D (at Chuck E. Cheese’s)

Met Nemo’s friends :) (at UnderWater World)

At the top of Two Lovers’ Point. Wonder how many locks are supposed to be destroyed because of failed relationships haha! (at Two Lovers Point)